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  City Guy

Funny Joke

A fellow sick and tired of the city life, decided to move to the country. He knew nothing about farm life. After a while, he decided he needed some animals, so he went over to his next door neighbor and asked if he could buy a donkey.

The old farmer said, "Down here on the farm we don't call them donkeys, we call them Asses"

The city guy says, "whatever". Now I would like to buy a chicken.

The old farmer says, "down here we don't call them chickens, we call them Pullets.

Ok. says the city guy. I also would like to get a rooster,, farmer speaks up and says, "we don't call them roosters, we call them cocks. The farmer says I also need to tell you about the Ass. Sometimes he gets real stubborn and you have to scratch him behind the ear..

O.K says the city guy and he takes off down the road with his chickens under his arms. Half way home the Ass stops and sits down and here comes a car up behind them. The guy goes over to the car and says, "Would you mind holding my cock and pullet while I scratch my ass?"

The above Joke submitted by subscriber: Texast8.

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City Guy - Funny joke about man buying farm animals - Funny Joke  
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