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Cooking with Gus
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Afghan Library Afghan Library
Un funny picture of Osama Bin Laden returning and checking out books on terrorism

Al-Qaeda Training Materials Al-Qaeda Training Materials
Funny cartoon of Playgoat magazine with Osama Bin Laden

Ambulance Chasers Ambulance Chasers
Funny cartoon about man dying of cancer

Another Drink I Think Another Drink I Think
Funny cat in the hat rhyme about alcohol

Arm and a Leg Gas Prices Arm and a Leg Gas Prices
Cartoon of man giving his arm and leg to pay for high gas prices

Ashcrofts message Ashcrofts message
John Ashcrofts meesage to women when girls go wild

At Least Someone Loves You At Least Someone Loves You
Funny jesus loves you cartoon

Behind the Mount Behind the Mount
Funny cartoon of the back side of Mount Rushmore

Better ways to log off Better ways to log off
Funny cartoon of man shooting his computer with a shot gun instead of logging off

Birth control? Birth control?
Funny cartoon of man getting the most effective birth control known to man

Brinks Gas Robbery Brinks Gas Robbery
Cartoon of two guys who steel gas from brinks truck instead of money and get caught

Caffeine Kitty! Caffeine Kitty!
Kitty cartoon of kitty high on caffeine

Cat got your ....? Cat got your ....?
Funny cartoon about cat eating mouse

Chinese Water Skiing Chinese Water Skiing
Very funny cartoon of Chinese Water Skiing

Clinton and cigar go to jail! Clinton and cigar go to jail!
Funny cartoon of policemen taking Bill Clinton away in handcuffs connected to Bills private parts

Clinton Memorial Clinton Memorial
Funny cartoon of Bill Clintons memorial

Condom models Condom models
Funny cartoon of different condom models

Damn Straat Damn Straat
Funny pictute of cast of sesame street characters with guns and knives with the caption Damn Straat

Downlaod Birth Downlaod Birth
Funny cartoon of mother telling her little boy she gave birth to him and didn't download him

Dumb Afghans Dumb Afghans
Funny cartoon of dumb afghans at afghanistan human bomb school

Emergency Airline Procedures Emergency Airline Procedures
Funny cartoon of security procedures on airplane in case of terrorist attack

Evolution Evolution
Funny cartoon of the evolution of men and women

Fat Lady Loses Dog Fat Lady Loses Dog
Funny cartoon about women losing her dog somewhere?

Feed my Cars! Feed  my Cars!
Funny cartoon of man begging for money on street corner to feeed his wife and put gas in his two cars

Fire Hazard Fire Hazard
Funny cartoon about fire hazards, man lighting his fart

Freeze! Frosty! Freeze! Frosty!
Funny cartoon of snow man robbing another snow man with hair dryer

Frog with Pierced Tongue Frog with Pierced Tongue
Funny cartoon about frog with pierced tongue

Funny Divorce Funny Divorce
Funny cartoon of man giving his ex-wife a new SUV with Firestone tires

Gas-Register! Gas-Register!
Funny cartoon about high gas prices with cash register by gas pump

Happy To See Me? Happy To See Me?
Funny animation of happy man on bus and old lady

High Gas Price Break Up! High Gas Price Break Up!
Funny cartoon of man telling his friend that he lost his marriage, house and car from filling his gas tank up.

HOLY WAR!!!!!! HOLY WAR!!!!!!
Funny cartoon of Taliban soldier on camel leading holy war then being chased by fighter jet holy shit

How to Punish Your Spouse How to Punish Your Spouse
Funny cartoon about how to punish your spouse

Identify the E-Mail Troll Identify the E-Mail Troll
Funny cartoon for email troll line - up

International Weather Forecast International Weather Forecast
Funny cartoon of european wheather forcast and Afganistan is really hot! boom

Internet Dating Issues.... Internet Dating Issues....
Funny cartoon of internet reality

Internet Love Internet Love
Funny cartoon of two ugly people talking on the internet

It's War It's War
Funny cartoon of the South Park boys mooning each other

I'm Surrounded! I'm Surrounded!
Funny cartoon about ass-holes

I'm With Stupid I'm With Stupid
Funny cartoon of man and woman walking down the street with funny t-shirts on

I've got your present right here. I've got your present right here.
Funny cartoon of evil Santa Claus

Jihad for Dummies Jihad for Dummies
Funny book Jihad For Dummies with Osama on cover

Life's subtle hints Life's subtle hints
Funny cartoon of guy in office trying to sign up for a basketball team but is to short to reach the sign up sheet

Linus Linus
Funny picture of Charlie Browns Linus with gas mask on after trading in his security blanket

Morning kitty Morning kitty
Cartoon of cat with coffee in the morning

Mouse Art Mouse Art
Funny cartoon of mouse that draws cat on wall by his doorway and the door is kittys butt

Mouse with Mouse Mouse with Mouse
Funny cartoon of mouse using human for computer mouse

Mr. Bean Laden Mr. Bean Laden
Funny picture of Mr Bean dressed as Osama Bin Lade, Osama Bean Laden

Mr. Osama Head Mr. Osama Head
Funny picture of Mr Osama Head

New Cereal New Cereal
Funny cartoon advertisement for cereal, Smack, Crack $ Pot

New Perfume New Perfume
Funny cartoon of women looking for new perfume for husband

Osama Bin Laden Views Osama Bin Laden Views
Funny Cartoon of Osama Bin Laden side front and top view with bulls eye on top view

Peein Fire Hydrant Peein Fire Hydrant
Funny cartoon of Fire Hydrant peeing on dog.

Printer blew up Printer blew up
Funny cartoon of man at work showing graph at meeting and showing spot where his printer blew up.

Proposed Afghanistan Map Proposed Afghanistan Map
Funny picture of map of afganistan leveled with Mcdonalds restaurants everywhere

Reality-TV Reality-TV
Funny cartoon of chickens sitting in front of a oven watching a chiken bake thinking they are watching television.

Reindeer Revenge Reindeer Revenge
Funny cartoon of red nose reindeer reading book after killing all the other deers

Robbery Suspect sketch! Robbery Suspect sketch!
Artist drawing of gas pump as robbery suspect!

Rosemary Barbie's Baby Rosemary Barbie's Baby
Funny sign of evil Barbie Doll,Rosemary's Barbie

Safe Sex Safe Sex
Funny cartoon picture of two safe's having sex hence safe sex

Sailor George Sailor George
George Bush as sailor who went on a beer run and now runs the world

Santa Pervert Santa Pervert
Funny cartoon of perverted Santa Claus

Sheep Landscaping! Sheep Landscaping!
Funny cartoon of sheep keeping mans lawn mowed by eating the grass instead of buying gas for his lawn mower.

Sneaky Shark Sneaky Shark
Funny cartoon of sneaky shark with fake hand sticking out of the water

Spend Your Tax Refund Here! Spend Your Tax Refund Here!
Cartoon picture of gas pump with sign that says "Spend your tax refund here"

Stressed? Print This Out Stressed? Print This Out
Funny cartoon for stress reduction kit

Stupid Halloween Masks Stupid Halloween Masks
Funny cartoon of Osama Bin Laden Halloween mask and the dangers of putting it on

Taliban Practical Jokers Taliban Practical Jokers
Funny cartoon of Taliban knocking on the door of Osama Bin Laden saying american special forces

Teletubbie bye bye Teletubbie bye bye
Funny cartoon of the southpark boys dressed like the teletubbies

Tested Positive Tested Positive
Funny cartoon about pepsi employee who gets fired for testing positive for coke

The power of love The power of love
Funny cartoon of male turtle humping female turtle and female flys out of shell and hits the wall and title is The power of love

The TV Family The TV Family
Funny cartoon of whole family watching TV and they all have remotes

Things you can do with useless men Things you can do with useless men
Funny cartoon of woman parking her bike between mans butt checks

To: The Taliban To: The Taliban
Funny cartoon of Taliban reading message from USA that reads give us Osama Bin Laden or we will send your women to college

Twenty Toes - Twenty Minutes Twenty Toes - Twenty Minutes
Funny cartoon twenty toes in twenty minutes

Understanding Technology Understanding Technology
Funny picture about computer technology from a bathroom point of view

War room maid War room maid
Funny cartoon of cleaning lady in the war room cleaning computer keyboard and almost starting a war!

Where Ice Comes From Where Ice Comes From
Funny animation about how ice makers work pooping penguin

Where's Bin Laden? Where's Bin Laden?
Funny cartoon for where's Bin Laden

Which Season Is It? Which Season Is It?
Funny duck season cartoon about Osama Bin Laden

Who Came First? Who Came First?
Funny cartoon of who came first the chicken or the egg?

Worst job in the world Worst job in the world
Funny picture of toothbrush talking to roll of toilet paper abot their gross jobs.


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