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Animal Related Humor

Funny Pictures

Patriotic Pup Patriotic Pup
This patriotic dog is proud to show his flag and a uniform to boot! An adorable picture of a puppy in a helmet and uniform in front of the U.S. flag.

Trick or Treat Dog Trick or Treat Dog
Meet the Trick or Treat Dog sitting in his pumpkin. He's perfect to send to your friends around Halloween to make them smile.

Cats are Dumb Cats are Dumb
A cat isn't always the smartest of animals. In this picture we see proof that the cat is dumb as it goes up against an eagle.

Donkey Rape Banned Donkey Rape Banned
I'm not sure where this is or how it came about. Some very wierd customs and superstitions abound I suppose as this withdoctor teaches his people that raping a donkey brings good luck?!

Cat and Mouse Space War Cat and Mouse Space War
Kewl picture of cat as the earth and mouse as the moon and cat is about to eat the moon

Freaky Cat! Freaky Cat!
Freaky picture of wet cat with human face!

Jaws Lives! Jaws Lives!
Erie picture looking down on man on boat with huge shark under boat about to attck

Sheep Landscaping! Sheep Landscaping!
Funny cartoon of sheep keeping mans lawn mowed by eating the grass instead of buying gas for his lawn mower.

Weird Dog! Weird Dog!
Erie picture of dog with half dog half human face

Bin Ladens Remains Found! Bin Ladens Remains Found!
Picture of Osama Bin Ladens remains devored by vultures

Cable Trouble? Cable Trouble?
Bird vers Cable truck

Caffeine Kitty! Caffeine Kitty!
Kitty cartoon of kitty high on caffeine

Cat Carrier! Cat Carrier!
Sick cat carrier for your kitty!

Angry Orangutan Angry Orangutan
Orangutan flipping the bird.

Baby butt sniffer Baby butt sniffer
Family dog smelling baby butt while baby eats dog food

Bad Hair day Bad Hair day
Mothet orangutan and baby with bad spiked hair

Bark Streeet Boys Bark Streeet Boys
Dogs singing into microphone

Bark Street Boys Bark Street Boys
Dogs singing into microphone

Bat dog Bat dog
Cute dog dressed as bat man with cape and mask

Big balls squirell Big balls squirell
Squirell with big hanging ball sack

Blues brothers chimps Blues brothers chimps
Chimps in suits imatating the blues brother

Brave cat Brave cat
Cat walking by line of german shepards

Cheerleading pooch Cheerleading pooch
Family pet dog in cheerleader outfit

Computer Dog Computer Dog
Dog with computer monitor on his head, Dog computer

Confident Kitty Confident  Kitty
Cat looking in mirror and seeing lion

Confused sheep Confused sheep
Sheep mounting dog while friends watch

Crosseyed Fly Crosseyed Fly
Picture of fly on cats nose

Crosseyed Fly cat Crosseyed Fly cat
Picture of fly on cats nose

Curious George Curious George
George Bush pics looking like monkey

Dalmation Kitties Dalmation Kitties
Dalmation with spotted litter of kittens

Deer Three-way Deer Three-way
Three deer engaging in three way sexual romp

Doggie door freinds Doggie door freinds
Dog and baby looking out of doggie door

Dump monkey Dump monkey
Chimp stting on toilet taking a dump and reading a news paper

Happy horse Happy horse
Horse with huge teeth smiling

Heart stripped zebra Heart stripped zebra
Zebra with hearts for stripes grazing with the herd

Horny racooon Horny racooon
Racoon screwing family dog

Hot -Dog Hot -Dog
Little puppy dog on bun

Hungry pets Hungry pets
Pets making tower to get to food in frig

Ice pooping penguin Ice pooping penguin
Cartoon of penguin pooping ice like ice maker

Killer dog Killer dog
Innocent looking little dog or is he??

Kissy Kissy! Kissy  Kissy!
Chimp ready to lay on a wet one

Lonely farmer? Lonely farmer?
Man on motorcycle with sheep as passenger or date?

Monkey on smoke break Monkey on smoke break
Monkey talikng a smkoe break with cigarette in hand

Moo-shoe pork Moo-shoe pork
Pig wearing little piggy slippers

Morning kitty Morning kitty
Cartoon of cat with coffee in the morning

Surprised dog

Pups on a line Pups on a line
Eight puppies hanging on a clothes line

Scaredy Cat Scaredy Cat
Scared kitten with bow in hair

Screw you kitty Screw you kitty
Cat flipping the bird while relaxing

Shaving cat Shaving cat
Advertisment for Gillette razors with shaved cat, Gillette the best that you can get

Six legged cow Six legged cow
Cows thinking about being butchered, six legged cow

Sleeping feline pals Sleeping feline pals
Cute kittys sleeping in embrace

Sleeping wrinkle dog! Sleeping wrinkle dog!
Dog in lawn chair sleeping with wrinkle problem and drink next to him

Sleepy polar bear Sleepy polar bear
Sleeping polar bear in odd position

Sometimes? Sometimes?
Ape continplating about life and farting

Stoner prairie Dog Stoner  prairie Dog
Prairie dog rolling a doobie or joint

Stuart Little Stunt Doubles Stuart Little Stunt Doubles
Mouse with helmet attemps to steal cheese from trap

Super Kitty Super Kitty
Flying cat with cape as super kitty

Thirsty Dog Thirsty Dog
Dog attacks yard sprinkler

Tongue waggin dog Tongue waggin dog
Boxer dog with long tongue

Twins? Twins?
Fat cute baby and dog with wrinkled hanging skin

why penguins have short lives why penguins have short lives
Penguin stading on polar bear with cymbals ready to wake him up

You scare kitty You scare kitty
Scared cat being held up in the air

Great picture of some adorable puppies helping mom push this fallen child up. I can hear them now: "Ok, everyone help out here. This kid needs a lift!"

Bearsweets Bearsweets

Falling Snow Falling Snow
Never eat falling snow.
You thinking what I'm thinking?

Animal Crackers Animal Crackers
Where do they get animal crackers from?
It aint from no factory up north.

Poodle Cubes Poodle Cubes
Check out the haircut on this poodle.
If you ever need some sugar cubes for your coffee...

Wiener Horse Wiener Horse
Scientists have engineered a new breed of horse.
This one can run, jump, and play dead.

Kangaroos Can Kangaroos Can
Why is that kangaroo doing that? Well, because he can, silly!

What's in your pants? What's in your pants?
Is that a small, furry, North American rodent in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Morning Breath Morning Breath
This has to be a horrible way to wake up.
Can you imagine what kind of morning breath he'll have?

Go Long! Go Long!
A LotsaHumor exclusive picture. Hey little buddy, go long!

Real Horsepower Real Horsepower
Vroom, Vroom, get that baby going! This, my friends, is what you call REAL horsepower!

That's Cold! That's Cold!
Ever get this feeling at the doctors? YYEEEOOOWWWWWWW, that's cold!

Sick Elephant Sick Elephant
This poor elephant's got a nasty cough. Looks like the handler found out first hand.

Chocolate Self Serve Chocolate Self Serve
There's nothing like a cool cone of chocolate ice cream. But this is what I call truly "self serve".

Dancing Kittens Dancing Kittens
Here's a cute one. It's the dancing kittens! Only question is who leads?

The Fly Plane The Fly Plane
Check out this great arts and crafts project from Lotsahumor. Make a fly plane. Your little pet flys will have so much fun!

Chimp Pot Head Chimp Pot Head
Pot is a problem among teens, but marijuana abuse among teen chimps has been virtually ignored by zoo officials.

Funny pet signs Funny pet signs
Funny pets signs, like no bike-riding dogs.

Throbbing Teddy Throbbing Teddy
This Teddy is always happy to see you! He is a stuffed toy who has a bean bag butt so he will sit up and pay attention!

Santa, Stop! Santa, Stop!
Santa should wear his seatbelt more often.

Where easter eggs come from Where easter eggs come from
Here's where those great easter eggs come from.

Poodle Power! Poodle Power!
This little pup's got poodle power!

Kitty Soup Kitty Soup
Cat ends up in the soup

Big man, Little Dogs Big man, Little Dogs
Big guy walking some little dogs.

Sure, but are they real? Sure, but are they real?
Cows at a strip joint admiring a nice set of udders

Clever Deer Clever Deer
Clever deer doing his best to avoid biting the bullet.

Cat and Fish Cat and Fish
Uh, who let you in here? Wait a second - what am I doing out here? Interesting picture of a goldfish looking at a cat in a fishbowl.

Sour Cream in Your Taco? Sour Cream in Your Taco?
Yo Quiero Taco Be---ahhh---ellllll. Ever wonder where they get their ingredients? That chihuahua's been working overtime.... Funny Picture of the Taco Bell dog making sour cream.

Dog with BIG Ears Dog with BIG Ears
Huh, Huh? C'mon sonny - speak up! These old ears can barely hear ya..... This dog's got some big ears!

Giraffe Kiss Giraffe Kiss
Animal love can be expressed in an endearing way, but OH! The kink it puts in this mom's neck!

Lizard Man Lizard Man
There was a man who like lizards. Wanted a tail, scales and forked tongue. Got 2/3rds of the way and...... STILL LOOKS LIKE A FREAK! ;)

Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss
Cute Picture of two cow's expressing their bovine love with a kiss.

Complaint Department Complaint Department
Funny Picture of a painful solution to complaints. Press the red button and get caught in the mouse trap.

Hold Your Breath Hold Your Breath
Funny Picture of a cute orange cat holding it's breath.

Squirrel Special Ranger Squirrel Special Ranger
Cute Picture of a rodent with a bazooka ready to serve his country and shoot Osama in the foot.

What Matters What Matters
Cute picture of cat looking in mirror

Chinese Water Skiing Chinese Water Skiing
Very funny cartoon of Chinese Water Skiing

Fat Lady Loses Dog Fat Lady Loses Dog
Funny cartoon about women losing her dog somewhere?

Frog with Pierced Tongue Frog with Pierced Tongue
Funny cartoon about frog with pierced tongue

I'll Take a Hot Dog - Rare I'll Take a Hot Dog - Rare
Cute picture of puppy on a hot dog bun

Wet Cat Wet Cat
Funny picture of wet kitty in sink

Cute picture of dalmation with spotted kittys

Just Once Just Once
Funny story about farting with a fat ape scratching his head.

I Just Can't Find The Deer I Just Can't Find The Deer
Funny picture of deer up a tree with hunter down below

Where Ice Comes From Where Ice Comes From
Funny animation about how ice makers work pooping penguin

Passed Out Cat Passed Out Cat
Funny picture of passed out kitty

Finger Lickin' Kid Finger Lickin' Kid
Funny picture of boy and dog Finger Lickin Good

Al-Qaeda Training Materials Al-Qaeda Training Materials
Funny cartoon of Playgoat magazine with Osama Bin Laden

Cat got your ....? Cat got your ....?
Funny cartoon about cat eating mouse

Osama's Firstborn Osama's Firstborn
Funny picture of Osama Bin Laden as monkey

Sneaky Shark Sneaky Shark
Funny cartoon of sneaky shark with fake hand sticking out of the water

To the (former) Taliban To the (former) Taliban
Funny picture of American eagle flipping the Taliban the bird

Vending Machine Problems Vending Machine Problems
Funny picture of goat vending machine

The Meaning of Fear!!! The Meaning of Fear!!!
Funny pictute of dog and fat lady, The meaning of fear

A Pig's Life! A Pig's Life!
Fuuny pig picture

Another Drink I Think Another Drink I Think
Funny cat in the hat rhyme about alcohol

I'm Gonna Get Me Some... I'm Gonna Get Me Some...
Funny picture of doggie screwing cat

Tennessee Diner Tennessee Diner
Funny menu for road kill grill

Save The Whales Save The Whales
Funny advertisement for save the whales of fat lady with blow hole for green peace

Bird Manual Bird Manual
Funny picture of bird reading how to poop on people manual

The Best a Cat Can Get The Best a Cat Can Get
Funny picture of shaved cat for razor advertisement the best a cat can get

Who Came First? Who Came First?
Funny cartoon of who came first the chicken or the egg?

You Da Bird?! You Da Bird?!
Funny pictute of bird and cat together,drinking

Evolution Evolution
Funny cartoon of the evolution of men and women

Wrinkles Wrinkles
Cute picture of wrinkled puppy asleep

Cyber Pup Cyber Pup <Cute>
Funny picture of cyber puppie, cute

Monkey Business Monkey Business
Funny picture of chimpanzee in buisness suit on toilet reading newspaper

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!
Funny picture of dog with rocket strapped on back

Eat More Chicken Eat More Chicken
Funny advertisement of cows holding eat more chicken signs

Santa Cat Santa Cat
Cute picture of kitten dressed up like Santa Claus

Fly Sex Fly Sex
Funny picture of two Flys having sex

Welcome to West Virginia! Welcome to West Virginia!
Funny road side sign of man screwing sheep in West Virginia

Chip off the old.... Chip off the old....
Funny picture of man who looks like his dog

Drunk Kitty Drunk Kitty
Funny picture of drunk kitty passed out

Alabama Deer Hunting Alabama Deer Hunting
Funny picture of deer revenge on hunter

Dating in Wyoming Dating in Wyoming
Funny picture of man with sheep on motorcycle dating in wyoming

No More Santa Claus... No More Santa Claus...
Funny picture of hunter at the north pole who kills Santa and his reindeer

HEY - Let me see your ID! HEY - Let me see your ID!
Funny picture of dogs helping cat raid the refrigerator

Hold My Calls Hold My Calls
Funny picture of dog relaxing at the lake on a inner tube

Cattle Car Wash Cattle Car Wash
Funny picture of man washing his cow at the car wash

Deer 3 Way Deer 3 Way
Funny picture of three deer humping each other

Desperate Hedgehog Desperate Hedgehog
Funny picture of two hedgehogs humping

Fuck You Kitty Fuck You Kitty
Funny picture of kitty flipping you off

Let me explain Let me explain
Very cute funny picture of dalmation next to litter of spotted kittens with the caption Honey, let me explain

Low knockers Low knockers
Funny picture of squirrel with big low hanging balls

Real Russian Cat Real Russian Cat
Funny picture of cat passed out drunk with vodka bottle next to him and cigarettes

Smoking Monkey Smoking Monkey
Funny picture of monkey smoking a cigarette lookin cool

Two Headed Giraffe Two Headed Giraffe
Funny picture of giraffe with two heads, one normal and one comming out of its ass

Bad Hair Day Bad Hair Day
Funny picture of two orangutan monkeys with very bad hair. Bad hair day

Blind Racoon Blind Racoon
Funny picture of racoon humping dog

Defenseless Little Bunny Rabitt?!?!? Defenseless Little Bunny Rabitt?!?!?
Funny picture of cute little bunny being attacked by wolf but eats the wolf down to the bones.

Even camels need love Even camels need love
Funny picture of two camels humping in the dessert

Fat Cat Fat Cat
Funny picture of cat sitting upright with a bowl of soup in front of him ready to eat.

Goodbye Cruel World.... Goodbye Cruel World....
Funny picture of kitty in toilet getting ready to flush himself and commit suicide and lid reads goodbye cruel world.

Horny Sheep Horny Sheep
Funny picture of sheep trying to hump a dog while other dogs watch.

I be crosseyed I be crosseyed
Funny picture of cat crossings his eyes to see fly on his nose

Kitty noodle dish Kitty  noodle dish
Funny picture of kitty in pot of soup being dipped out with ladel

Leap frog dog Leap frog dog
Funny picture of dog leaping over sheep in field

Monkey boys Monkey boys
Funny picture of monkeys dressed in suits like x-men

Party puppy Party puppy
Funny picture of passed out puppy with cigarette in paw and empty booze bottle next to him cute

Wasted Squirrel Wasted Squirrel
Funny picture of passed out squirrel with cigarette in mouth and liquior bottle next to him.

Reindeer Revenge Reindeer Revenge
Funny cartoon of red nose reindeer reading book after killing all the other deers

Tokken Squirrel Tokken Squirrel
Funny picture of sguirrel smoking joint


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